Pidgin sounds skype sounds

  • Contactoff

  • Contacton

  • Firstmessage

  • Messagereceived

  • Messagesent

Use players at the left side to listen the theme sounds.

To install the "skype sounds" sounds set, you should download it using the link below, unzip files and place it into themes folder. That folder's location depends on OS you use.

How to install the "skype sounds" Pidgin sound theme

In Windows XP, 7 and 8

  • Press Win+R keys on the keyboard. Run dialog will be displayed on the screen. Type in "Run" dialog the following:
  • Extract the downloaded files into theme folder and select the installed sounds in the Pidgin preferences.

In Linux

Extract the content of the downloaded file into the "~/.purple/themes" folder and select new sound theme in the Pidgin preferences.

Note: "~" is your "home" directory in Linux, i.e. /home/username. To see the ".purple" folder in there, you might need to enable "Show hidden files" option in your preferred file manager.